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2013 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, Pol Roger

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Homage to Sir Winston Churchill: The 2013 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill is a tribute to the legendary British statesman, Sir Winston Churchill. Pol Roger crafted this Champagne to honor the close relationship between the Champagne house and Churchill, who was a devoted fan of Pol Roger's wines. Vintage Excellence: Being a vintage Champagne from 2013, this cuvée represents the unique characteristics of that specific growing season. Vintage Champagnes capture the nuances of the weather, soil, and grape development during that particular year. Pinot Noir Dominance: Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill is typically characterized by a significant proportion of Pinot Noir grapes. Pinot Noir contributes structure, depth, and a potential for aging to the blend, reflecting Churchill's preference for robust Champagnes. Meticulous Grape Selection: Grapes for this cuvée are likely sourced from the finest vineyards, and meticulous selection is undertaken to ensure the highest quality. The attention to grape quality contributes to the overall excellence of the Champagne. Extended Aging on Lees: Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill undergoes an extended aging period on the lees in the bottle. This traditional Champagne-making technique imparts complexity, richness, and a fine mousse to the final wine. Family-Owned Tradition: Pol Roger is a family-owned Champagne house with a rich history dating back to 1849. The continuity of family involvement often brings a sense of tradition and dedication to the craft of winemaking. Sir Winston Churchill's Love for Pol Roger: Sir Winston Churchill was a devoted fan of Pol Roger Champagne. He famously referred to it as his "favorite Champagne" and maintained a close friendship with the family behind the Champagne house. Symbol of Celebration: Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill is often associated with moments of celebration and prestige. It is a Champagne crafted to commemorate significant occasions and to be enjoyed during special events. Distinctive Labeling: The label of Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill is likely to feature distinctive design elements, possibly paying homage to the iconic figure it is named after. Champagne houses often use labels to convey the uniqueness and significance of special cuvées. Limited Production: The production of Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill is typically limited, adding an element of exclusivity. This limited availability enhances its desirability among Champagne enthusiasts and collectors. Aging Potential: As a vintage Champagne, the 2013 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill is likely to have excellent aging potential. It can evolve in the bottle, developing additional complexity and depth over the years, making it suitable for those who appreciate aged Champagnes.
2013 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, Pol Roger
2013 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, Pol Roger
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