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2016 Chablis `Vieille Voye`, Domaine Laroche

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Chablis Terroir: Chablis is a famous wine region in Burgundy, France, known for its high-quality Chardonnay wines. The region's unique Kimmeridgian soil, characterized by limestone, clay, and fossilized oyster shells, imparts distinct mineral notes to the wines. Domaine Laroche: Domaine Laroche is a well-respected winery in Chablis, with a history dating back to 1850. The winery is known for its commitment to producing terroir-driven wines that express the characteristics of the Chablis region. Vieille Voye Vineyard: "Vieille Voye" may refer to a specific vineyard or cuvée produced by Domaine Laroche. The term "Vieille Voye" can be translated as "old path" or "ancient way," suggesting a connection to the historical aspects of winemaking. 2016 Vintage: The year 2016 was notable for its weather conditions, which can significantly influence the character of wines. Vintage variations can affect factors like acidity, ripeness, and aging potential. Tasting Notes: Without specific tasting notes for the 2016 Chablis "Vieille Voye," you might expect a classic Chablis profile. Chablis wines often feature bright acidity, citrus notes, green apple, and a pronounced minerality. Aging Potential: Chablis wines, especially those from reputable producers and specific vineyards, often have good aging potential. The 2016 vintage might have developed additional complexity and nuance with proper cellaring.
2016 Chablis `Vieille Voye`, Domaine Laroche
2016 Chablis `Vieille Voye`, Domaine Laroche
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