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2016 `Textures de Pedra` Blanc de Noirs, Raventós i Blanc

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Raventós i Blanc: Raventós i Blanc is a historic winery located in the Penedès region of Catalonia, Spain. The estate has a long winemaking tradition dating back to 1497 and is known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Textures de Pedra Blanc de Noirs: "Textures de Pedra" translates to "Textures of Stone," suggesting a connection to the terroir and the rocky soils of the vineyards. Blanc de Noirs refers to a white wine made from black or red grape varieties, typically Pinot Noir or, in the case of Catalonia, perhaps indigenous varieties like Sumoll. 2016 Vintage: The 2016 vintage in various wine regions, including Penedès, can vary, but it is often associated with wines of good structure and aging potential. Sparkling wines from quality producers can benefit from extended aging on the lees, contributing to complexity. Blanc de Noirs Sparkling Wine: Blanc de Noirs sparkling wines are made by pressing black or red grape varieties very gently, extracting juice without prolonged contact with the grape skins. This winemaking process results in a white or pale-colored sparkling wine with the richness and complexity associated with red grape varieties. Traditional Method (Cava): Raventós i Blanc is known for producing sparkling wines using the traditional method (méthode champenoise), the same method used in Champagne. This involves secondary fermentation in the bottle, giving the wines fine bubbles and a characteristic autolytic complexity. Terroir Expression: Raventós i Blanc emphasizes terroir expression, and the name "Textures de Pedra" suggests a focus on conveying the minerality and character of the rocky soils. Indigenous Grape Varieties: Catalonia is home to several indigenous grape varieties. While Pinot Noir is a common grape for Blanc de Noirs, Raventós i Blanc may choose local varieties to showcase regional identity. Food Pairing: Blanc de Noirs sparkling wines are versatile with food. They can pair well with a range of dishes, from seafood and poultry to creamy cheeses and charcuterie.
2016 `Textures de Pedra` Blanc de Noirs, Raventós i Blanc
2016 `Textures de Pedra` Blanc de Noirs, Raventós i Blanc
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