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2017 `Grains of Paradise` Barossa Valley Shiraz, Charles Melton

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Charles Melton: Family-Owned Winery: Charles Melton is a family-owned winery located in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Established in 1984: The winery was founded by Charles Melton in 1984 and has since gained a reputation for producing high-quality wines, particularly Shiraz. Commitment to Tradition: Charles Melton is known for its commitment to traditional winemaking methods, producing wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the Barossa region. Barossa Valley Shiraz: Flagship Variety: Shiraz is the flagship grape variety of the Barossa Valley, and the region is internationally acclaimed for producing bold and robust Shiraz wines. Rich and Full-Bodied: Barossa Valley Shiraz wines are known for their intense dark fruit flavors, full body, and often, a generous use of oak aging. Old Vineyards: Many wineries in Barossa, including Charles Melton, source grapes from old and low-yielding vineyards, contributing to the concentration and complexity of the wines. "Grains of Paradise" Shiraz: Unique Naming: The name "Grains of Paradise" suggests a distinctive and possibly spicy character in the wine. Grains of Paradise is a spice that imparts peppery and aromatic notes. Barossa Valley Origin: The wine is sourced from the Barossa Valley, known for its diverse microclimates and terroirs. Vintage 2017: The 2017 vintage conditions, including weather patterns and temperature fluctuations, played a crucial role in shaping the characteristics of the wine. Winemaking and Tasting Profile: Winemaking Techniques: Charles Melton may use traditional winemaking techniques, including open fermentation and basket pressing, to craft their wines. Oak Aging: Barossa Valley Shiraz wines often undergo oak aging, contributing to the wine's structure and adding nuances of vanilla and spice. Tasting Notes: Tasting notes for "Grains of Paradise" may include dark fruit flavors like blackberry and plum, hints of pepper, spice, and a rich, velvety texture. Limited Production and Availability: Small Batch: Some premium wines from Charles Melton, especially those with unique names like "Grains of Paradise," may be produced in small batches. Limited Availability: Due to the limited production, wines like "Grains of Paradise" may have limited availability, adding to their desirability among wine enthusiasts.
2017 `Grains of Paradise` Barossa Valley Shiraz, Charles Melton
2017 `Grains of Paradise` Barossa Valley Shiraz, Charles Melton
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