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2017 Salta Malbec, Bodega Colomé `Altura Máxima`

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Bodega Colomé: Bodega Colomé is one of the oldest wineries in Argentina, dating back to 1831. It is located in the Calchaquí Valley of the Salta region, making it one of the highest-altitude wineries in the world. Altura Máxima Vineyard: "Altura Máxima" translates to "Maximum Altitude," and it refers to the Altura Máxima vineyard owned by Bodega Colomé. This vineyard is renowned for being one of the highest vineyards globally, situated at an elevation of over 3,111 meters (10,200 feet) above sea level. Salta Region: The Salta wine region is located in the northwest of Argentina. Salta is known for its high-altitude vineyards, which contribute to the production of wines with intense flavors, bright acidity, and distinct minerality. Malbec Grape: Malbec is the flagship grape variety of Argentina, and it has thrived in the country's diverse terroirs. The Salta region's high-altitude vineyards add a unique character to Malbec wines, offering a balance of ripe fruit and freshness. High-Altitude Viticulture: Altitude influences grape growing by providing cooler temperatures and more intense sunlight, resulting in slower ripening and the development of complex flavors. High-altitude vineyards often have significant diurnal temperature variations, promoting acidity retention in the grapes. Terroir Influence: The Altura Máxima vineyard's terroir, with its unique soil composition and climatic conditions, contributes to the distinctive qualities of the Malbec grapes grown there. 2017 Vintage: The 2017 vintage in Salta, like other wine regions, experienced specific weather conditions that influenced grape ripening. Vintage variations can impact the flavor profile and aging potential of the wine. Winery Philosophy: Bodega Colomé is known for its commitment to sustainable and organic viticulture practices. The winery aims to express the character of its vineyards and the Salta region in its wines. Limited Production: Wines from the Altura Máxima vineyard, being from one of the highest vineyards globally, may have limited production due to the challenging growing conditions. Aging Potential: Malbec wines from high-altitude regions, including Salta, often have aging potential, allowing them to develop additional complexity over time.
2017 Salta Malbec, Bodega Colomé `Altura Máxima`
2017 Salta Malbec, Bodega Colomé `Altura Máxima`
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