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2017 `The Beacon` Swartland Shiraz, Fairview

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Fairview Winery: South African Heritage: Fairview is a prominent winery in South Africa, located in Paarl in the Western Cape. Goat Tower: The winery is known for its iconic Goat Tower, a structure with a spiral staircase and platforms where goats can climb and graze. This unique feature has become a symbol of Fairview. Family-Owned: Fairview is a family-owned winery, and it has a history dating back several decades. Swartland Region: Western Cape: Swartland is a wine-producing region in the Western Cape of South Africa, known for its warm climate and diverse terroirs. Old Vineyards: Swartland is home to old vineyards, including bush vines, which can contribute to the complexity of wines. Rhône Varieties: The region is particularly known for its success with Rhône grape varieties, including Shiraz (Syrah). "The Beacon" Swartland Shiraz: Single Vineyard: Wines labeled as "The Beacon" might indicate a single-vineyard designation, emphasizing the distinct characteristics of grapes grown in a specific location. Swartland Shiraz: Shiraz from Swartland is recognized for its bold and expressive characteristics, often showcasing dark fruit flavors and a spicy, peppery profile. Vintage 2017: The 2017 vintage conditions, including weather patterns and temperature fluctuations, would have influenced the wine's style and aging potential. Winemaking and Tasting Profile: Barrel Aging: Premium Shiraz wines may undergo barrel aging, typically in oak barrels, contributing to the wine's structure, complexity, and potential for aging. Expression of Terroir: Wineries like Fairview may focus on expressing the unique terroir of Swartland in their wines, showcasing the region's specific soil and climatic influences. Tasting Notes: Tasting notes for "The Beacon" Swartland Shiraz could include dark berry flavors, black pepper, hints of spice, and a velvety texture. Fairview's Innovation: Experimental Wines: Fairview is known for its innovative spirit, producing a variety of wines, including unique blends and experimental styles. Sustainability: The winery has shown a commitment to sustainable practices in both the vineyard and winemaking processes.
2017 `The Beacon` Swartland Shiraz, Fairview
2017 `The Beacon` Swartland Shiraz, Fairview
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