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Medium Dry Amontillado `Contrabandista`, Valdespino, Classic Collection

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Valdespino Sherry House: Valdespino is a prestigious sherry house with a history dating back to 1430. Situated in Jerez, Spain, Valdespino is renowned for its commitment to traditional sherry production methods and the quality of its sherries. Medium Dry Amontillado: Contrabandista is a Medium Dry Amontillado sherry produced by Valdespino. Amontillado is a style of sherry that undergoes both biological and oxidative aging, resulting in a unique combination of characteristics. Contrabandista Label: The name "Contrabandista" suggests an adventurous and clandestine spirit. It may pay homage to the history of smuggling sherry casks, a practice that was prevalent in the region during various periods. Amontillado Aging Process: The Medium Dry Amontillado style involves the initial aging under a layer of flor (yeast) followed by further oxidative aging. This dual aging process contributes to a sherry with a more complex flavor profile, combining nutty and oxidative notes. Classic Collection: Contrabandista is part of Valdespino's Classic Collection, which signifies a range of sherries that embody the traditional styles and craftsmanship for which the sherry house is known. Bodega Macharnudo Alto: Valdespino owns the renowned Macharnudo Alto vineyard, a site with chalky soils that contribute to the distinct character of its sherries. The vineyard's elevated location is favorable for the cultivation of Palomino Fino grapes used in sherry production. Solera Aging System: Sherry production often involves the solera aging system, a fractional blending process where older wines are progressively mixed with younger ones. This imparts consistency to the sherry and allows for a continuous maturation process. Versatile Pairing: Amontillado sherries, including Contrabandista, are known for their versatility in food pairings. The medium dry profile makes them suitable companions for a range of dishes, including nuts, cured meats, and aged cheeses. Flavor Profile: Contrabandista likely exhibits a nuanced flavor profile with notes of almonds, hazelnuts, and a hint of salinity. The interplay between the biological and oxidative aging processes contributes to its complexity. Cultural Heritage: Valdespino's sherries, deeply rooted in the sherry-producing region of Jerez, reflect the cultural heritage and traditions associated with this historic wine-producing area. Artisanal Craftsmanship: The production of Contrabandista involves artisanal craftsmanship, from grape cultivation in the vineyard to the meticulous blending and aging processes in the bodega. This attention to detail is a hallmark of Valdespino's approach. Rich History of Valdespino: With a history spanning several centuries, Valdespino has weathered changes in the wine industry and maintained its commitment to producing exceptional sherries. Contrabandista is a representation of this enduring legacy. Modern Appreciation: While deeply rooted in tradition, Contrabandista and other sherries from Valdespino continue to find appreciation in modern times. Sherry aficionados and a new generation of consumers are rediscovering the diversity and complexity of sherry styles. Continued Innovation: The inclusion of Contrabandista in the Classic Collection showcases Valdespino's ability to innovate while preserving the authenticity of traditional sherry styles. It reflects a balance between heritage and a willingness to explore new expressions.
Medium Dry Amontillado `Contrabandista`, Valdespino, Classic Collection
Medium Dry Amontillado `Contrabandista`, Valdespino, Classic Collection
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