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Pedro Ximénez `El Candado`, Valdespino, Classic Collection

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Valdespino Sherry House: Valdespino is a prestigious sherry house with a rich history dating back to 1430. Situated in Jerez, Spain, Valdespino is known for its commitment to traditional sherry production methods and the quality of its sherries. Pedro Ximénez El Candado: El Candado is a Pedro Ximénez (PX) sherry produced by Valdespino. Pedro Ximénez is a grape variety used to make sweet and intensely flavored sherries. Classic Collection: El Candado is part of Valdespino's Classic Collection, signifying a range of sherries that embody traditional styles and craftsmanship for which the sherry house is renowned. Sweet Sherry Style: Pedro Ximénez sherries are known for their intensely sweet and rich characteristics. The grapes are sun-dried to concentrate sugars before fermentation, resulting in a lusciously sweet wine. Solera Aging System: Like many sherries, El Candado is likely produced using the solera aging system. This fractional blending method involves the continuous mixing of older wines with younger ones, ensuring consistency and complexity. Vineyard Influence: Valdespino's commitment to quality includes owning vineyards such as the renowned Macharnudo Alto. The characteristics of the grapes from these vineyards contribute to the unique profile of their sherries. Candado, the Padlock: The name "El Candado" translates to "the padlock" in Spanish. It may evoke the idea of securing something precious, emphasizing the rich and intense character of the Pedro Ximénez sherry inside. Intense Flavor Profile: El Candado is likely to have an intensely sweet flavor profile with notes of raisins, dried fruits, and a velvety, syrupy texture. It is often enjoyed as a dessert wine or a luxurious digestif. Versatile Pairing: Pedro Ximénez sherries are versatile in pairing with desserts such as chocolate, cakes, and pastries. They can also be served alongside strong cheeses or enjoyed on their own. Cultural Significance: The production of Pedro Ximénez sherry, deeply rooted in the sherry-producing region of Jerez, reflects the cultural heritage and traditions associated with this historic wine-producing area. Artisanal Craftsmanship: The production of El Candado involves artisanal craftsmanship, from grape cultivation to the careful blending and aging processes. Valdespino's attention to detail is a testament to its commitment to quality. Rich History of Valdespino: With a history spanning centuries, Valdespino has navigated changes in the wine industry while maintaining its dedication to producing exceptional sherries. El Candado represents a continuation of this historical legacy. Modern Appreciation: While rooted in tradition, Pedro Ximénez sherries, including El Candado, continue to find appreciation in modern times. They appeal to those with a taste for sweet and indulgent dessert wines. Continued Innovation: The inclusion of El Candado in the Classic Collection reflects Valdespino's ability to innovate within the context of traditional sherry styles. It demonstrates a balance between honoring heritage and exploring new expressions to meet contemporary preferences.
Pedro Ximénez `El Candado`, Valdespino, Classic Collection
Pedro Ximénez `El Candado`, Valdespino, Classic Collection
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