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2017 Akluj Sangiovese/Cabernet Franc/Shiraz, M/S

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Sangiovese: Sangiovese is a red grape variety originating from Italy and is the primary grape used in Chianti and other Tuscan wines. It typically imparts flavors of red cherries, plum, and has moderate acidity. Sangiovese wines can range from light and fruity to rich and complex. Cabernet Franc: Cabernet Franc is a red grape variety known for its aromatic profile and often used in Bordeaux blends. It can contribute herbal, floral, and red fruit characteristics to a wine. Cabernet Franc wines are generally medium-bodied with moderate tannins. Shiraz (Syrah): Shiraz, known as Syrah in some regions, is a red grape variety that originated in the Rhône Valley of France. Shiraz wines are known for their bold flavors of dark fruits, black pepper, and often have a full-bodied and robust character. Akluj: Akluj is a region in India, and it seems that the wine you mentioned is associated with this region. Indian wines have been gaining recognition, and some regions are known for producing quality wines with unique characteristics influenced by the local terroir. 2017 Vintage: The 2017 vintage can vary in different regions, but it was generally considered favorable in many wine-producing areas. Wines from this vintage may have good ripeness, structure, and aging potential. MS: Without additional context, "MS" could refer to a winery, a vineyard, or another entity associated with the production of the wine.
2017 Akluj Sangiovese/Cabernet Franc/Shiraz, M/S
2017 Akluj Sangiovese/Cabernet Franc/Shiraz, M/S
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